Jewish Life in New York

While living in New York in the 1980s,Tzachi Ostrovsky embarked on a project to photograph New Yorks Jewish communities - the various factions, sects and groups that together form a united sub-culture the Jews of New York - and to capture the contrasts and common aspects of their Jewish life.

The photographs, a culmination of 7 years photographing Jewish life in New York, were exhibited in 1989 at the Museum of Israeli Art in the exhibition Tzachi Ostrovsky New York Project 1982-1989.

They show religious, orthodox and Hasidic Jews, black Jews, co-existence in mixed neighborhoods, as well as the largest and most difficult to portray Jewish community in New York - the second and third generation American Jews who have integrated into American culture and way of life.

This is a selection of images from the project

All photographs are available for purchase. For pricing and availability, please contact Tzachi Ostrovsky