From Gondar to Jerusalem

In May 1991 Tzachi Ostrovsky traveled to Ethiopia to begin photographing the Ethiopian Jews who were being allowed to leave for Israel in small groups.

His intention was to follow in their footsteps as they moved from a way of life dating back to biblical times into the harsh reality of life in Israel,

considered to be technically sophisticated and westernized.

At the time a civil war was raging in Ethiopia and it appeared that Addis Ababa was about to fall into the hands of the rebels. To rescue the

Ethiopian Jews waiting in refugee camps in Addis Ababa, the Israeli government airlifted 15,000 of them out of the country in a daring operation

known as "Operation Solomon."

This selection of images shows the community in Ethipia, in refugee camps in Addis Ababa, the airlift, and their arrival and absorbtion in Israel.

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